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Jashan Sandhu Bus Service plans to capitalize on its strength in parts comfort, safety & prices to satisfy the specific needs of various industries. Jashan Sandhu Bus Service is keen to replace some age-old methods. To maintain its leadership position in the chosen fields, Jashan Sandhu Bus Service plans to expand and improve its fleet of buses. We Offer Services like Bus on Hire, Bus on Rent across all India.

Why Choose Us?

Jashan Sandhu Travel Bus Service provide a wide range of services including Tourist Bus Services, Rental Bus Services for Marriages, Parties etc. We are the leading bus rental service provider in Punjab with unmatched experience. Reliability. Punctuality. Comfort. Words that count most to you and to us. Where most of the team is headed from people from services background which looks to discipline, comfort, quality and unity at work and society, which has headed to our unmatched professional reputation /goodwill in the business.

Best in Class Service

We cater to the needs of people in major cities and small towns and continuously add new buses to our fleet to provide the best service to our customers.

Special Tourist Buses

We service 30+ busy routes that connect 40+ destinations, with a fleet of over 30 luxury buses/coaches across its routes in Punjab.

Reputed Bus Business

We offer a convenient tourist bus service, where the safety of our passengers is our first priority. Well-maintained vehicles with experienced & qualified drivers

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